No coding skills required. Real-time sync with the online store.

It is as cozy as eating food since there is no need for articulation in coding. One just needs to explore the predefined app blocks of Shopify SDK to build the app.

User Account Sections

App Covers most of customer account activities and relevant content.

  •  Login
  •  Registration
  •  My Orders
  •  My Account
  •  CMS pages
  •  Product Reviews
  •  Notifications

Banner Slideshows

Bunch up Promotional or Sale banners as auto slideshow. Setup time interval for auto sliding as well as manual slider settings.

Product Detail

Nice and clean product detail screen with all necessary elements.

  •  Variants selection
  •  Product image slider
  •  Product image zoom
  •  Add to Wishlist option
  •  Product Share option
  •  You may also like/Related product section
  •  Product’s HTML description


3 Style categories with Title management.


Weekly Deal/Flash Sale Countdown Timer

Setup countdown timer for flash sale. Section automatically hide as soon as timer end.


Product List Options

Manage products listing with variety of display options.

2 Columns &
2 Columns Grid
(Square area)
2 Columns Grid
(Rectangle area)
Product List
& Grid view

Products/Categories Collage

Create attractive collage block with the selection of categories or products.

5 Elements Collage &
3 Elements Collage

Youtube Video

Instagram Posts

Language Translation

LTR and RTL Support

LTR (Left to Right) and RTL (Right to Left) Design orientation support for different languages.

Left to Right (LTR)

Right to Left (RTL)

Local Delivery and Store Pickup

Get the option to enable Local Delivery & Store Pickup with time slot options.

Store Locator

Store locator allows you to add multiple store locations. Customer can easily navigate through it for near by stores.

Animated/GIF Banner

Collections/Categories Tree Menu

Manage unlimited level dynamic tree menu and product tags.


Enable up to 26 worldwide currencies with consistent, reliable exchange rate data.